Progress updates on releases will be posted here, so that you can keep track of whats happening with your order. Dragonborne is expected to start to ship in September 2020, exact date TBC. Please allow a minimum of a 30 day turn around for any game if ordering after the initial release date, this is due to materials coming from various providers in different countries.

Please let us know if you have any questions in the meantime and thank you for your support!!

Dragonborne Progress:


08.06.2020: Materials for boxes, manuals and cart labels ordered

23.06.2020: Printing and assembling started for boxes, manuals and cart labels

29.06.2020: Custom cartridge shells ordered and shipped 

06.07.2020: Cartridge shells received and PCB's ordered

15.07.2020: Boxes,manuals and cart labels received

21.07.2020: PCB's received, all materials are now ready for when shipping begins

31.07.2020: Pre order closed, final tweaks to game and bug testing underway