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Dragonborne DX Is Now Named Dragonyhm

Fans of Dragonborne DX,

Thank you for your patience, support and enthusiasm for this game. This project started with the simple premise of colourising the pre-existing game called "Dragonborne". As many of you had noticed however, the game began to take a unique course of development. We at Spacebot Interactive no longer see this game as a remaster or remake. We now think of it as a reimagining of the original concept.

Enhancements made to its engine (GB Studio), more resources, and more time to conceptualize have resulted in more opportunities. Graphic and sound differences are obvious, but we have also made significant overhauls to gameplay systems, as demonstrated in the playable demo.

Story, characters and immersion are also something we have been putting a significant amount of thought into. We truly believe this to be a new start -- the fullest manifestation of the game that we can manage. With this realization came a decision. Dragonborne DX is now being renamed, and going forward it shall be called Dragonyhm.

One word, and spoken like "dra-gon-im", similar to how you would pronounce the word "synonym". As for why this phrase was chosen; we will leave that as a mystery for now. It is of an era long forgotten, but we hope that in time its meaning will become clear to you.

To reiterate, we have not halted development on the Game Boy Color game formerly known as "Dragonborne DX". The game you have been seeing development updates and media for, the one you've played the demo for; it is still here in essence, but will now be under the name Dragonyhm.

Please bear with us as we transition into this new period of publicity. We will begin to remove previously posted media, and some of it will be reuploaded with the new labeling so that newcomers can experience it without confusion. Not so long from now, you will also start to see new updates again.

Thank you again for your continued support, and stay tuned for more updates!

- Spacebot Interactive

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