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Magipanels Logo.png

Developed by Homebrew Game Boy developer Bownly


Magipanels is a talent show-type event that attracts various magic users from all across the world. Contestants compete to demonstrate their magical prowess, the process of which is abstracted out into the form of the puzzle gameplay: the Magipanels grid, a device designed to be manipulated by channeling one’s magic into it.

Magipanels is a modern take on the match 3 genre that feels right at home on the Nintendo Game Boy. Manipulate panels on the grid one column or row at a time to form matches and earn a high score! Use character specific abilities to radically alter the grid in your favour! The game includes a number of unlockables, for a total of 8 playable characters, 16 panel themes, 5 songs, and a couple of extra secret mysteries!

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