The year is 2120, Earth has been attacked by an evil AI


One single fighter has broken through the ferocious siege, fight your way through hordes of enemies to reach the main processor of Genesis and destroy it.


The future of mankind depends on you...

Fight your way through 4 action packed levels, collect shields, energy, and power-ups from enemy remains and test your agility to dodge enemy fire, to reach the boss fight at the end of each level.


Can you overcome the evil invasion of GENESIS?

An original 8-bit Shoot 'Em Up for the GAME BOY
Developed by 7FH using GBDK 

Pre-Order from 30/04/2021 on the Incube8 Games website by clicking the link below:




Deadeus is an authentic horror Gameboy game  developed using Chris Maltby’s GB Studio engine, Featuring music by Stuart Busby.

The game centers around a small boy who has a prophetic nightmare telling him everyone will die in 3 days and that he has to investigate his village to see how he can save them, if at all.

The game has 11 endings and no direct path leaving it up to the player to decide which is the best course of action.


"Deadeus is a masterclass in efficiency, and manages to tell a big story with delightful brevity. 9.5" - Matthew Loffhagen, Nintendo Force

"Deadeus offers some horrifying imagery despite the limitations of the Game Boy, and all while offering a tangled, frightening story that will take a great deal of work to unravel." -

"Deadeus does a truly charming job of being sinister" -

Deadeus cover art sb.png

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SPACEBOT INTERACTIVE PHYSICAL RELEASE #1: Dragonborne by Spacebot Interactive


Travel through the region of Argon as Kris, in search of your missing father Kurtis, the greatest dragon slayer the region has ever known.

Dragonborne is made with GB Studio and features a turn based battle system, various mini quests and puzzles that you must complete to progress through the game.

Fight your way to each of the dragon caves to face your fears and overcome the challenges that stand in your way.

Are you tough enough to find your father and save the region before the dragon's awake from their slumber? 

Around 10 hours of gameplay, puzzles, dungeons, multiple enemies, various weapon and armour upgrades, character zapping system, ranking system dependent on how you finish the game, various collectibles, mini quests, multiple endings and much more!!

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